Monday, September 15

Stack Overflow is open; Experts Exchange can suck it

How any times have you run into some obscure problem with a piece of software, you copy and paste the cryptic error message into Google, and the first match that comes up is a link to Experts Exchange, the site that supposedly has all the answers but wants you to pay to see them? Yeah, me too. Well their business model took a pretty big hit this morning...

Joel Spolsky of Joel on Software fame and Jeff Atwood, who I'd never heard of before the Stack Overflow podcast, have finally opened up the doors to Stack Overflow, which is essentially a free version of Experts Exchange. I've been in the beta for a few weeks and I've got to admit it's pretty damn slick!

So here's my call to arms: all you Ruby on Rails fanatics, get on over there and start contributing the knowledge, it's very .Net and Java heavy so far.


technicalpickles said...

Actually, ExpertExchange does show the answer.

It's just looks obscured at the top, then has a ton of ads, and then waaaaay at the bottom are the real answers.

John Currah said...

Yeah, agreed. I've just started using stack overflow, and it's great. I've always felt that experts exchange was polluting the internet :)