Tuesday, August 25


If you've read the book Predictably Irrational about the irrational decisions we humans make when it comes to buying stuff, CA$HVERTISING will show you how to exploit those quirks to maximize your profit. I hate to make a cliche analogy (which I think I've used in a prior review) but it's really like The Art of War for advertising; it's a hundred or more little bite-sized chunks of tips and techniques for getting prospective customers to notice your ad, read it, and act on it. The author supports each nugget of wisdom with a plethora of studies and statistics. And, at the back of the book, it's all summed up in a nice concise checklist for your next propaganda endeavor. Even if you're not an advertiser or promoter (like me) it's worth a read just to open your eyes to the tricks and techniques being used to lure you into parting with your hard-earned money.