Sunday, September 7

Book Review: Predictably Irrational

The author artfully tells the tales of a dozen clever experiments in human behavior demonstrating the power of suggestion, sexual arousal, the placebo effect, dishonesty, and peer pressure. As the title suggests, the book asserts that human behavior is sometimes irrational but completely predictable. For example, humans are prone to think more expensive products are more effective simply because they cost more, such as with name brand drugs versus generic. This might be a tale of psychology but it hit more as a little black book of marketing tricks, not just between products and consumers, but between consultants and clients, perhaps even between bosses and employees. It opened my eyes to the ways I might be, or have been, persuaded to make illogical decisions. I'll be a lot more skeptical and wary in future dealings with salesmen and managers. It's a relatively short book - a quick read - and the author does a fine job of explaining everything in layman's terms. Check it out.

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