Tuesday, September 28

Firefox vs. Slashdot

For the love of all things holy, somebody please fix something!

I switched to Firefox a while back. The details of my trials and tribulations are in my personal blog. The one debacle I was unable to overcome is how hideously Firefox renders the Slashdot site!

Then last week my partner in crime sends me this thread letting me know that I'm not the only person suffering this great injustice.

Woe is me. I'm not going to join the debate as to which party is in error, I just pray that one of them would step up and take some initiative! Sigh.

Sunday, September 5

The two reasons I haven't switched to Gmail

Yahoo! Mail Plus still has two features that I require from a web-based e-mail interface that Gmail hasn't provided:
  1. From: Spoofing -- I can send mail from my Yahoo! account and the recipient will see it as "From:" my business account. Gmail only allows you to specify a different "Reply-To:" address, which isn't the same thing.

  2. Check Other Mail -- I can "harvest" e-mail from several other POP3 accounts into my Yahoo! Mail and respond to them through Yahoo! and (referring to the prior point) have them appear as if they came "From:" the respective accounts.
If Gmail ever adds this functionality, I'll switch in a heartbeat.