Wednesday, July 16

On Second Thought

On the drive into the office this morning, I was listening to one of the bazillion technology news/interview/round-table podcasts to which I subscribe, and the gentlemen on the microphones were going on and on and back and forth about an age old tech topic that has been beaten to death and then some. The particular topic isn't pertinent to my story; what matters is that I thought to myself, "I was dealing with that issue ten years ago, and I'm sure I've blogged about it long ago." And as an afterthought I wondered to myself, "What was my stance on the issue so many years ago? And, has it changed?" That inspired me to pull up some old posts from long ago, re-read them, and reconsider their tone. I was surprised to find that I had indeed changed my tune on an issue or two, so in the unforeseeable future I hope to pen a handful of "On Second Thought" posts where I revisit my former younger self and try to analyze the rhyme and reason of my flip flops.

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