Tuesday, May 13

Hamachi on OS X, redux

A few days ago I raved about my revitalized love for Hamachi with my discovery of OS X support and the HamachiX GUI. But after I got Hamachi re-installed on all my personal and business machines (including a couple Windows boxes), I realized that I had no practical use for the GUI. Once you get everything configured, it's "set it and forget it." Any administration you need to perform is pretty simple and intuitive via the command-line interface.

The only caveat is that you need to ensure Hamachi starts on boot so that you don't have to manually log-in and start it (which presents a pretty tough chicken-and-egg issue for headless remote servers).

The free/unsupported version of Hamachi for Windows has the "run as a Windows service" feature disable, but there's a dirt simple work-around. Create a scheduled task for the Hamachi executable (Start -> Control Panel -> Scheduled Tasks) with a schedule of "at system start-up". That's it!

On OS X it's a little more hairy. You need to create a create a special folder in a special directory with a special script and a special configuration file and blah blah blah. It took me about half a day to figure out and get working reliably, and I've shared it over at GitHub, so grab it, read the README file, and enjoy!

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meekish said...

If you're running Leopard, perhaps launchd (by way of Lingon) could make this process easier.