Sunday, November 11

Worthy Technology and Business Podcasts

(Update: I finally got around to hyperlinking the podcasts.)

An old colleague just wrote me...
"I'm driving to work now and need listening material for the trip. What podcasts do you get/recommend?"
So I figured I'd respond here for posterity...

With a 2-hour daily commute, I've got a veritable butt-load of podcasts in my iTunes. Here's about half of my favorites (I'm omitting the video podcasts):


- Drunk and Retired Podcast (two grizzled veterans rant about programming)

- FLOSS Weekly (really comes out quarterly, interviews with big OSS guys)

- Java Posse (if you're still into Java, good news and discussions with occasional interviews)

- Google Code Blog (mostly same guys as Java Posse, they all work for Google, discussing Google projects, tools, APIs, processes, etc.)

- Rails Envy (two local [Orlando] guys' weekly news blurbs about Rails; the same guys that do the Rails vs. Framework X spoof videos)

- Ruby on Rails (the PeepCode guy does occasional interviews with Rails pundits, usually at conferences)


- Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders (interviews with successful business people)

- Startup Studio (interviews with successful business people)

- Venture Voice (interviews with successful business people; long defunct but the back episodes are worth cherry picking)

- Web 2.0 Show (occasional interviews with the people/teams of popular/rising Web 2.0 sites)

- Vitamin (short interviews with successful people)


[These come out pretty rarely, like once a month if you're lucky, but since you're just getting into it you'll have a gold mine of back-episodes to devour...]

- Downloadable Content (the Penny Arcade guys record some of their comic brainstorming sessions)

- Maniacal Rage (f.k.a. Garret Murray Podcast, just short comedic skits)

News, Reviews, Debates:

[When I've exhausted all of my favorites, these are decent time fillers...]

- This Week in Tech (Leo Laporte and a constantly rotating panel of industry journalists discuss current events in the tech world)

- MacBreak Weekly (Leo Laporte and a somewhat regular crew of Apple fanboys discuss current events in the Apple world)

- Security Now (in-depth discussions on network/software security issues. This used to be a really good podcast, but eventually it became one-half advertising and every other episode is just listener e-mail now. It's my bottom of the barrel podcast that I listen to after I've caught up on everything else)

- LUG Radio (a half-dozen thick-accented foul-mouthed guys discuss Linux and OSS and occasionally interview some interesting people)


Marcel said...

Thanks for the list. Like you I also have some commuting time to fill so this will come in handy.

Further, I personally think the podcast is pretty good if you are into web development:

Most of the past episodes are also still pretty useful.

Craig said...

Shame on you for not providing links. :-P

Robert said...

Very interesting list. I have to agree with you regarding Security Now. Being somewhat in the security field, I used to look forward to that podcast a lot. Now, not so much. I find that the feedback episodes can prove to be entertaining, but not nearly as thought provoking.

I will have to give some of your other recommendations a listen through.