Sunday, July 26

Book Review: Who Moved My Cheese?

Book Cover
Who Moved My Cheese? is a very short book. The publisher went through great lengths to make it feel like a book, with nice thick hard covers and large type, but I think most readers would consider it merely a lengthy essay. It took me about an hour to read from cover to cover.

Who Moved My Cheese? is a parable about dealing with change told through four caricatures that live in a maze, subsist off of cheese, and how they deal with the sudden loss of said cheese. And for those readers that may be too dense to grok the not-even-remotely-subtle lessons taught by the parable, it's bookended with a fictional discussion by other more-life-like characters who liken their own jobs and personal lives to the events in the story.

Of course the point of the book is to open the eyes of the reader to the inevitability of change in their lives and workplaces and encourage them to accept it, embrace it, don't fear it, and deal with it. It's a little cartoony and preachy in places, and sometimes draws out the point much further than necessary, but for just a one-hour read I recommend checking it out so at the very least the next time it comes up in conversation you can participate in the discussion.

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