Saturday, November 29

Articles that were never written

I was doing some spring cleaning of my filesystem this morning and I came across an old list of "potential article topics" from seven years ago when I was writing for JavaWorld. Many of them I eventually blogged about over the years, but here's a few gems I never got around to polishing:

"why linux guis are doomed; gui standards from apple, microsoft, sun, etc."

Having worked closely with Linux this past year, I can sadly say this still holds true.

"20 things about Java you never knew (or cared) about: the short datatype, goto keyword, int.class, java.lang.Void, etc. (re: craig)"

Apparently this stemmed from a discussion with my old friend and former colleague Craig.

"the big picture"

That's all I wrote. Apparently at the time I had "the big picture" but not enough time to write about it. Over the years I lost it.

"asp servlet follow-up (registry classpath, com object)"

Perhaps my proudest achievement as a bright-eyed ambitious young programmer was a bridge that let you run Java Servlets in IIS; no third-party engine required. I wrote about it in JavaWorld and the article was republished on IBM's developerWorks site (but was eventually deprecated, hence no link). Apparently I had a few follow-up topics worth discussing.

"array reordering trick"

I have no idea what the trick was; should have been a tad more detailed in my note.

"ejb abstraction layer (entity beans)"

This was referring to an abstraction layer I'd developed at my first dot-com for the original EJB spec in the late 90's. It's all long moot now.

I'm going to leave the list alone. Perhaps it will be twice as amusing when I read it again in another seven years... and by then I'll have forgotten about this blog post and I'll probably wax nostalgic all over again.


kozmcrae said...

Yes it's "sad" about the Linux GUI. When will they ever learn. Until the Linux GUI is the functional and visual equivalent Windows and/or OS X it will never amount to anything. ;-)

Marshall said...

never amount to anything! Wow there is some hyperbole. It looks like linux has made quite a name for itself even with this supposedly horrible GUI.

Also have you looked at Ubuntu lately? Crawl out of the cave and give it a try.