Monday, March 3

How Awesome is it to Work for Me?

WARNING! Gratuitous and shameless ego stroking below...

With my current employer, there are two formal events that call for an employee to comment on my performance as a boss: the end of their hiring probationary period, and their exit interview. Here's a collection of excerpts from both events - recorded by the human resources director and reported back to me - that keep me coming into the office day after day no matter how bad things get:

"Ted runs department smoothly"

"Likes that Ted is a manager but a developer too"

"He would recommend this as a place to work because of Ted"

"Likes the once per week meetings with Ted re[garding] the knowledge of the system"

"Thought Ted was the best in caliber and by far the most knowledgeable person he has every worked with/for" [I swear that's verbatim!]

"Liked when Ted moved on the floor – brought humor and direction" [referring to a time when I voluntarily left my comfy corner office to join my team in cubicle land]

"Said he preferred the B2B team – likes the structure of the B2B build – more cohesive and easier to work with" [referring to the time when I was running the B2B team while somebody else was running the B2C team]

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