Sunday, January 20

Please don't mug me

My mind was wandering this morning and it dawned on me that I carry a ridiculous wealth of electronics in my backpack when I travel:

+ Take.TV, 4GB, $100

+ DS Lite, $150 (with at least $100 in games)

+ PSP, $170 (with at least $100 in games)

+ iPod Nano, 4GB, 2nd gen., $250

+ Amazon Kindle, $400

+ Macbook Pro, 15", refurb. w/ram upgrade, $2500

Unless my math is wrong -- and keep in mind my degree is in music composition, so it's well withing the realm of likelihood -- that sums up to nearly $4,000, not accounting for depreciation.

Lest you get the wrong impression that I'm mister moneybags, all but the laptop were gifts.

Here's to hoping none of my faithful readers are tempted to mug me at the next convention.

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Simeon said...

i think about this every time I decide to leave my bag in the car for "safety". I go downtown to hit a store or whatever, park in a garage and think "it will be easier to navigate without my bag" and then I spend the rest of the time worrying about all the stuff that could be taken.

I take your list and swap out, PSP for either my DSLR or video camera. For some reason I keep my old nano and 60GB ipod in the bag. I dont even use them because I have my iPhone.

So I re-iterate. Please dont mug me :)