Saturday, May 19

Railsconf Celebrity Sightings

On the way back to my hotel room for the dinner break I shared an elevator ride with Geoffrey Grosenbach (topfunky) of the Ruby on Rails Podcast and perhaps more popular PeepCode screencasts. He wasn't hard to miss with his shirt and blinged-out messenger bag both adorned with the PeepCode logo, and there was no mistaking that signature voice.

At the keynote I noticed the guy sitting next to me was playing NetHack on his laptop with the account name "rbates" and I asked if he happened to be Ryan Bates of the phenomenal Railscasts screencasts. He was.

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Ryan said...

Great meeting you at RailsConf, Ted! It's interesting how various people spotted me. Some by my voice, others by the shirt, but yours was by far the coolest - NetHack username! :)