Sunday, June 11

10 Days 'til RailsConf 2006

Wow, that really snuck up on me. My attendence will likely inspire some new rants and raves here, but I won't be doing one of those play-by-play or day-in-review bloggings. I'm sure there will be more than enough of those to go around. There's already a list forming on the Wiki, which supposedly is going to be aggregated via a site/feed that doesn't yet exist (it currently links to an old stale RubyConf blog). That would be nice, although most of these contributors are probably already on RubyCorner, so I'll be getting two copies of each post (or three in the case of the blogs I subscribe to directly). But what I really look forward to is breaking down the blog barrier and meeting a lot of you in person. Take a good hard look at this face, commit it to memory, and when you see it in Chicago next week, come up and say "Hi Ted!" :-)

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