Sunday, September 5

The two reasons I haven't switched to Gmail

Yahoo! Mail Plus still has two features that I require from a web-based e-mail interface that Gmail hasn't provided:
  1. From: Spoofing -- I can send mail from my Yahoo! account and the recipient will see it as "From:" my business account. Gmail only allows you to specify a different "Reply-To:" address, which isn't the same thing.

  2. Check Other Mail -- I can "harvest" e-mail from several other POP3 accounts into my Yahoo! Mail and respond to them through Yahoo! and (referring to the prior point) have them appear as if they came "From:" the respective accounts.
If Gmail ever adds this functionality, I'll switch in a heartbeat.


Anonymous said...

Yahoo Mail also has a simple way to create multiple 'disposable' email addresses with SpamGuard - the best way to fight spam! Plus, once the Oddpost integration goes live, Yahoo Mail will have a better interface than Gmail hands down.

Matt Raible said...

Don't you have to pay for these features in Yahoo Mail?

Anonymous said...

It's not advertising supported, so yes, you pay a yearly fee. I think it's $25/yr.